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DEFCOIN is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm.

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Good news, Defcoin support added to Coinomi the android multi-currency wallet. Check out this Coindroids post for more details

Yes we are back again. It's been a tough year, the original domain was lost and new binaries are being built. We are working on that and updating the source with fixes from Litecoin. If you're planning to play COINDROIDS you should probably start stocking up on ammo. Use one of the pools below or be 1337 and learn how to solo mine.

Send us a message on Twitter if you have any Defcoin related plans for DC25. Feel free to hit up @d4rkm4tter with questions!

Shout-out to @kingtuna and roamer who are still waiting for their pics!


Our app is available for download on the following:

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  • Download App

Grab the source from github and start mining.

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If you have set up a Defcoin mining pool, let us know the details and we'll post them here.

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